Motie Rubin presents, The World Stars of Hair Fashion show

The World Stars of Hair Fashion show in Israel 

Tel Aviv – January 23, 2008 - At the start of the celebrations of Israel’s 60th year, a master class and hair styling show will take place in Tel Aviv, led by an international group of leading hair stylists.

The “World Stars of Hair Fashion” event will gather the biggest talents in hair design from Russia, Europe, the United States and Israel and will afford a unique opportunity to experience their work methods, see the new trends in hair design and enjoy a hair show the likes of which has never been seen in Israel.

Motie Rubin Academy

This huge fashion event, that has become an annual tradition in the field of hair design, is not merely another hair show. It is a truly professional evening with enriching instruction and master classes taught on stage in which one can learn step by steps from the experts, and enjoy the performance of the stylists from abroad showcasing their craft.

The “World Stars of Fashion” event has become part of the long list of hair events influencing the culture of hair fashion in Israel and the world. The success of the premier event that took place in February 2007, led its creators headed by Motie Rubin hairdressing academy, to prepare for another more impressive event.

Motie Rubin Master Class show

A master class taught by the Dolores Academy from Moscow will take place on March 24, 2008 with the participation of the Motie Rubin Salon from Israel and representatives from the Spectrym Academy in New York. The event which will serve as a meeting place for the world of high fashion and hair design is sponsored by Indola and will take place at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

The participants are none other than:

•Elena Baklushina, representing the Dolores Academy in Moscow. She is the chief trainer for Russia in hair styling and is one of the members of the judging panel of the World Championships held by OMC.

•The Motie Rubin Hair Design Salon from Israel

•Hair stylists from the Spectrum Academy New York.

Motie Rubin Academy

The master class will be one of the most complex and expensive events of its kind ever held. Director Daniel Binyamin, who as directed numerous other hair events, has created a spectacle combing three themes: biblical Egypt, traditional Japan and modern classics. He has created choreography specifically for this event and an incredible stage is being built especially for it.

In addition to Mr. Binyamin’s experience, he leads a world class team of stage designers, lighting technicians and video artists. Just as in master classes in London and Paris this event will combine all elements of sound, light, music and design.

These, combined with the professionals leading the classes will combine to form an unparalleled event that is at both an artistic experience and an educational experience for all who take part. 

The preparations have reached a frenzy and thirty models are packing their suitcases and heading for Israel. The 2008 hair collections are going to be revealed in an acrobatic and pyrotechnic spectacle. The teams are getting ready…all for one goal, “the World Stars of Hair Fashion 2008”!