“Mini” Look and Learn Format | Includes Hair Show:

A captivating program for a smaller audience. Groundbreaking innovation. Extraordinary, inspiring.

As a leading academy in the field of hairdressing studies in Israel, on par with the world's leading academies, we are ensuring that every hair stylist in Israel and around the world will have access to the unique methods and philosophy of Motie Rubin Academy.

The “Mini Look and Learn” master class allows an insightful view into the unique world of the Motie Rubin Academy.

n addition to the courses and practical workshops at the Motie Rubin Academy, we also present impressive shows and master classes on subjects such as design hairstyles, haircuts and coloring progresses.

Audience Size:
Smaller audience up to 60 participants (based on venue)
Event Running Time:
No more than 2.5 hours
Accreditation and Certification:
A certificate from the Motie Rubin Academy

Master Class and Mini Hair Show by the Motie Rubin Academy: A burst of creativity. Groundbreaking innovation. Extraordinary, inspiring.

Innovative trends and technical developments are at the forefront of this educational program. During the program, you will experience execution of techniques in real-time on models. Our artistic team will demonstrate the best innovations, step-by-step, with in-depth explanations on haircuts, coloring methods and hair styling. The modular format of our “Look and Learn” seminars, are designed to meet the stringent demands of stylists and all audience members.



For inquiries and to order the show please contact us:
Motie Rubin Academy
Yigal Alon 159, Tel Aviv Israel
Tel: +972 3 6091515, Fax: +972 3 6092111