Hands-On seminar

Hands-on learning of an exciting program. Groundbreaking innovation.
As a leading academy in the field of hairdressing studies in Israel, on par with the world's leading academies, we are ensuring that every hair stylist in Israel and around the world will have access to the unique methods and philosophy of Motie Rubin Academy.

“If Mohammed will not come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed (Francis Bacon in 1625)”.


if you are not able to visit the special training center at the Motie Rubin Academy. Therefore, Motie Rubin Academy developed the Motie Rubin VIP curriculum.

The program allows you the opportunity to be exposed to trends and to study our methods at your salon! 

A Master Class is divided into two parts:
Part I (morning) - demonstration, explanation and step-by-step lecture.
Part II (afternoon) – hands-on practice within artistic guidance of staff.
Important tip: In order to maximize the effectiveness of the workshop, it is suggested that live models be used.
The workshop can be held at your salon. If it is not suited to this purpose, we can find a suitable location in your area.


Audience Size:
The program is ideal for small groups (10 to 30 students).
Event Running Time:
Programs can be between one to three days
in lengt and offer a detailed curriculum rich in content and
modified to suit customer requirements
Accreditation and Certification:
A certificate from the Motie Rubin Academy


For inquiries and to order the show please contact us:
Motie Rubin Academy
Yigal Alon 159, Tel Aviv Israel
Tel: +972 3 6091515, Fax: +972 3 6092111